Saturday, 6 December 2014

Back Among the Z-Men...

Am back after a long and self-imposed exile. Although 'Exile' is probably too strong a word for not being arsed to write anything up.
 No, the real reason is simple lethargy on my part.  Perhaps it was a very real state of post 'Big Red' euphoria that washed over me the day after my last post.  That day marked my handing in my notice to the Aberdeen office and heading 'Down South' to pastures new, or at least new to me...sort of. 
 A change is as good as a rest and for me that change was from red to blue (although, I have a terrible feeling that due to commercial enterprise that blue will soon be reverting to red).

So I said my farewells to the grey skies, the grey buildings and the grey-faced people (but mostly the grey skies) of Aberdeen and ignoring tales of 'six-fingered-hand tools' I set off towards the glorious sunshine of a brave tomorrow in Not-So-Great Yarmouth!!

Now, while a change of company's to work for in some industries might be seen as a big shake up and a life altering decision, you must believe me when I say a change of offshore service company is about as new and revolutionary as Trigger's Broom.

Although it does put me in quite an advantageous position, as an outsider, to dispel some of the more malicious rumours concerning Yarmouth and the Norfolk area in general.

It is NOT TRUE that most Norfolk area family trees look less like a tree and more like a bunch of bind weed.

It is NOT TRUE that Norfolk is full of close-knit communities that are so close-knit that they only contain around 3 or 4 family surnames.

And finally, the big one...It is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE that the people in Norfolk have all got 6 fingers and webbed toes.  In the year I've been down here I've only met four or five people like that (and three of them were in Lowestoft, so that definitely doesn't count).

Anyway, I have a whole year of adventures to catch you up on.  Now that I have escaped the yoke of Disk Cheney and his not inconsiderable henchmen, I finally managed to get to work somewhere other than the North Sea, Northern Sector.  So be prepared for tales of far off distant lands such as Norway and Tunisia (that's it so far but I hope to have more soon).

Be back soon, please drink responsibly (or not, what do I care?!)

PS, All this talk of Trigger inspired me to add this little gem, enjoy

Neil Hannon Rocks!