Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Edna The Inebriate Operator...

I swear there are tramps on the streets of London that don't get moved on as much as we do sometimes!
I am now preparing for the 4th bed of my trip which will hopefully be my last.  We have had our 'Frog' transfer brief and are looking forward to getting in a glorified harness to be dangled over the side of the rig.  What could possibly go wrong?

When people call for the removal of so many helicopters from service in the North Sea, this is the reality we will all have to face up to.  The long, tortuous and almost entirely unnecessary process of the boat transfer.  Quite apart from the actual transfer process itself is the fact that the journey back to the beach will then take anything up to 12 hours (weather dependent).

Bear in mind that as I write this we are yet to recover the flight recorder from the recently downed chopper and so are almost completely in the dark regarding what in fact went wrong with that flight.  A period of reflection is definitely needed and it is right that this type of craft should be grounded until at least preliminary investigations can supply something amounting to an answer.

I am in a rather invidious position out here, I want to get home and naturally I want to do that as quickly as possible but safety must come first, we cannot allow further incidents and any loss of life is totally unacceptable.

It is like watching footage of you being drunk from the night before, you just have to sit there and let the events unfold before your eyes, almost like being a eunuch at an orgy.  In fact it is almost exactly like that when you consider we'll be travelling in on an Anchor handling boat and as such will be expected to just sit there and not touch anything!!

Oh well!  Back to the TV and waiting for the Tannoy...

Neil Hannon Rocks!!