Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Return of the Job That Wouldn't Die!!!

Well that went well!!

Am being facetious of course.  We have tested the hell out of this place but it still manages to bite back.  Flowline test passed last night but instead of being told to de-rig and get lost, we are now waiting for the first failed joint to be re-made so we can test it.  Unfortunately this does not look like being before Friday and what's more they are sending our night shift across to the Elgin for the pigging runs over there.  So we know that it's gonna be us poor dayshift bods that carry out the test (always better when you can slopey shoulder something onto nights) and we'll have to do all the de-rigging and packing away (joy!).

Oh well, the main reason I'm not happy with this is that I'm going to miss my eldest son getting his GCSE results tomorrow.  He's not in line for a stellar performance but it would at least be nice to be there for moral support and to say well done for the results he does get.

This will be just the latest in a long line of familial disappointments that me and my clan have had to put up with both recently and for as long as I've had this sort of job (12 years now)...
I've missed birthdays, special dinners, Christmases, new years, etc along with numerous smaller celebrations like a decent night out with the boys.

In years gone by these never really laid all that heavy on me but as I get increasingly more elderly and less youthful I feel every missed opportunity more and more. 

In short: thanks a lot Franklin Ya Bassa!!!

Neil Hannon Rocks!!