Monday, 16 September 2013

Knock If You Can't Go...

There are no words more likely to strike fear into an operator's heart than 'Operational Reasons'...That marvellous catch-all statement that covers a multitude of sins!!

This particular afternoon it means that I can put my bag back up into my room and unpack again.  Suppose I only have myself to blame, imagine believing them when they put my name on the flight list! boy is my face red!

This sort of thing happens more than you would think and far more often than is healthy, it is almost as if the planning of work in the offshore environment is dependent on so many various factors that it may as well be left up to chance!
Really, the slightest thing has been known to completely mess up both your plans and the plans of other, far more important people.
The weather, Helicopter inspections, the weather, airport restructuring, the weather, simply not being bothered enough to carry out extra work scopes, the weather and atmospheric conditions can all influence the schedule of jobs.

When it comes to working offshore we are all here until we are no longer needed and sometimes even longer than that... 

Am thinking of purchasing a pile of these, think they will come in very useful for my next trip...I am not a fan of de-rigging...

Neil Hannon Rocks!!