Saturday, 14 September 2013

Cleanliness is next to Godliness...But not in the Dictionary

There are many reasons for changing your overalls at 8.30AM offshore (Deluge system going off in the Separator Area, slipping in a pile of 'Copperslip', a chemical spill of minor proportions, a cavalier attitude to painting or even working in a dirty environment right from the very start of shift) not all of which have occurred to me.  Perhaps the most unedifying and least worthy of having some kind of epic poem written about it must surely be sitting at your laptop in an Ops office and knocking your coffee into your lap.

Fortunately the beverage was ready for consumption (i.e. NOT boiling hot) and I didn't have to do some weird and slightly racist Native American war dance (replete with 'Hoo Hoo Woo' noises!) and as a result very few, if any, Ops guys actually saw the whole sorry debacle.

I do hope they don't follow this blog...

Neil Hannon Rocks!!